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Eye Examination

At for Your Eyes Only, our eye examinations are individually tailored.  We will always explain procedures to you and fully discuss the results so that you are involved in your eye care. We do not recommend unnecessary tests or products and there are no hidden charges...

Our friendly, experienced optometrists will carefully assess your eyes, using a variety of techniques and equipment. We generally start by asking a few questions to put together a picture of your health and lifestyle. After measuring and updating the prescription, the health of the eye is checked in several different ways. All necessary procedures are covered by your eye examination fee, or NHS voucher.

The infamous ‘puffer’ test is no more! We are now using the icare tonometer which is much preferred by our patients and does not involve air being blown at the eye. Patients have reported this as being almost unnoticeable, or feeling just like blinking.

For Your Eyes Only is becoming known for offering digital retinal photography to all suitable patients at no extra charge. This is hugely beneficial in building a visual history of the health of the back of the eye. These photos can help in the early detection of problems such as glaucoma and macular degeneration, as well as being quite interesting for you to look at!

We recognise that some people may be nervous about having their eyes examined, so we welcome any questions you may have and will do our best to put you at ease.

We believe you should leave feeling informed and confident at the end of your examination.

Digital Retinal Photography

(Included FREE in all adult eye examinations)